Apex Dual Valve Vacuum Pressure Controller 15 psia to 3000 psig
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Dual Valve Pressure Controller 15 psia to 3000 psig

In a dual valve pressure controller on side can the connected the vacuum pump with other side to
atmosphere or a inert gas source such as nitrogen. Sensing port is connected to
the vacuum vessel. The PID in the Dual Valve Controller opens each valve in sequence
to hold the pressure steady. The evacuation or filling does is carried out in
the back of the Controller.

Apex Pressure Controller can measure 30 gases. One gas should be specified for the primary gas calibration.

A 115V/60Hz power cable(PVPS24U) is available to power the unit.

The Apex Mass Pressure Controller can be set via the on-board display or via 0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20 mamp signals. For the end user, flows can be read and the controller set via the on-board display. FlowVision Software can be purchased for using a computer to record and graph the flows. 

For use with a system, a 6 ft. cable(DC-61) or a 25 ft. cable(DC-251) can be purchased in the communication cable section. One end is the 9 pin Din connector to connect to the Apex MFC, while the other end are blank wires.



Output - Output of the pressure controller can be in the form of 0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20 mAmps. Every Apex device has RS-232 capability and does not need to be specified.

Secondary Output - Second output capability. This output can be the mass flow rate, temperature, pressure or volumetric flow rate.

Special Gas Connectors - We can provide a welded VCR female fitting on the gas inlet and output of the meter.

Industrial Connector Option - Controller can be outfitted with a screw on industrial connector for more secure fit on the communications cable. Supplied with a 10 ft. industrial connector cable.



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Apex Dual Valve Vacuum Pressure Controller 15 psia to 3000 psig

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