Apex Mass Flow Meter Flow Rates- 0.5 sccm - 5000 slpm
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Apex Mass Flow Meter can measure many gases. One gas should be specified for the primary gas calibration.


 A 115V/60Hz power cable(PVPS24U) is available to power the unit.

The Apex Mass Flow Meter can be set via the on-board display or via 0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20 mamp input signals. For the end user, flows can be read via the on-board display. FlowVision Software can be purchased for using a computer to record and graph the flows. The gas selection can also be made from the computer.

For use with a system, a 6 ft. cable(DC-61) or a 25 ft. cable(DC-251) can be purchased in the communication cable section. One end is the 9 pin Din connector to connect to the Apex MFC, while the other end are blank wires.




Calibration Gas - Gas used for factory calibration. There are 30 on-board gases on each mass flow meter that can be chosen as the gas measured. The unit is in calibration for any of the gases in the library. 

Flow Rate-  Full scale flow rate of the mass flow meter. Turndown ration is 200:1

Output - Output of the mass flow meter can be in the form of 0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20 mAmps. Every Apex device has RS-232 capability and does not need to be specified.

Secondary Output - Second output capability. This output can be the mass flow rate, temperature, pressure or volumetric flow rate.

Special Gas Connectors - We can provide a welded VCR female fitting on the gas inlet and output of the meter.

Industrial Connector Option - Meter can be outfitted with a screw on industrial connector for more secure fit on the communications cable. Supplied with a 10 ft. industrial connector cable.

Totalizer - On-Board display of the total flow from the last tare of the unit.



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Apex Mass Flow Meter Flow Rates- 0.5 sccm - 5000 slpm

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