Hydro-Lok Rental- Hydrogen Leak Detector for Underground Lines
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Rental of the Hydro-Lok Hydrogen Leak Detector for finding leaks in underground lines.

-5% Hydrogen/95% Nitrogen is a non-combustible gas (Green Label)

- Non-Toxic totally enviromentally friendly tracer gas

- 5% Hydrogen/95% Nitrogen (5/95 Gas) is inexpensive

- Leak area can be defined within a 3 foot circular area

- TLD.500 Hydrogen Leak Detector is less than $1000

- No cross sensitivity issues to other gases- no false signals

- Sensitivity from 25 ppm TLD.500 model

- Sensitivity from 1-5 ppm TLD.1000 model

-Tank for 5% H2/95% N2 included in rental but rented as empty. We can help you with fill sources locally.

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Rentals available in Atlanta at this time. If you are interested in being a Distributor of this product in your area, please let us know.


Purchases- Should you decide to purchase the Hydro-Lok Underground Leak Detector, half of your rental amount can be applied to the purchase.

  • Item #: HYL13005099-RENTAL

Hydro-Lok Rental- Hydrogen Leak Detector for Underground Lines

Price: $400.00
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