TLD.500 Hydrogen Leak Detector
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EPA Regulations now require stricter controls on the release of refrigerant gases into the atmosphere. Using 5% hydrogen/95% nitrogen (green label non-combustible) as the tracer gas is the preferred method of finding and locating leaks.

Using 5% hydrogen gas is:

* Completely Non-Combustible/Non-Toxic
* Inexpensive Tracer Gas
* Can be Safely Released into the Environment
* Small Leaks are Easily Located
* Dissipates Rapidly to not Contaminate the Area

TLD.500 Product Literature

TLD.500 Manual

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Features TLD.500

LED & Acoustic Leak Rate Display
Manual Suppression of Background
Automatic Zero
1-2 Second Response Time
Lasting Sensor
Re-Chargable Batteries

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TLD.500 Hydrogen Leak Detector

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